Data drives the information economy. Companies that capitalize are leading the next generation of business. Central to their success is a new kind of information architecture, one that leverages the power of open-source, without sacrificing the value of legacy systems. We can help you design the archetypal system for your business, one that can scale out as needed, enabling true hybrid cloud.


You can't build skyscrapers with bricks and mortar. A new paradigm of engineering enabled modern cities. The same holds true for information systems. A host of recent innovations has opened the door to real-time opportunities that can transform any business, using augmented analytics, sentiment analysis, machine learning, blockchain, streaming data and a range of other cutting-edge technologies.

Big Data

Like a second chance for data, Big Data presents a tremendous array of options, but equally as many challenges. The key to success is alignment of business needs with available resources, both in terms of systems and data. That's where our expertise comes into play. We've delivered solutions for some of the largest healthcare and financial services organizations in the world. We specialize in understanding the very latest in enterprise software.


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